Things You Should Know

Things You Should Know About Teledrill’s Newton System

The Newton System Specifications
Sensor Sub Specifications
Bore Pressure 0 psi to 14,500 psi
Annular Pressure 0 psi to 14,500 psi
Tension/Compression -10,000 lbf to 10,000 lbf
Inclination 0⁰ to 180⁰
Temperature -40⁰C to 175⁰C
Tool Specifications
Operating Flow Range Up to 5 BPM (210 GPM)
 Tool Diameter  2.875 in
Connection 2.375-in PAC
Length 120 in (10 ft.)
Weight 102 lb
Pressure Rating 15,000 psi
Operating Temperature -40⁰C to -175⁰C
Battery Life 80 hours continuous
Pressure Drop Equation  index_clip_image002
Pressure Drop Equation  index_clip_image002_0000