About Us

Innovative Technology for Coiled Tubing Operations

Teledrill, Inc. develops and deploys innovative technology to extend the reach and enhance the efficiency of coiled tubing operations.

Our patented system incorporates downhole sensors and utilizes controlled pressure pulse technology to simultaneously exert force to advance the coil while also transmitting data from the bottomhole assembly to the surface. The Newton™ system also records a full downhole data set, enabling post-job analysis, evaluation of equipment and services, and a better plan for the next well.

Unique Expertise in Sensing and Pulse Telemetry

Teledrill, Inc. has unique knowledge in downhole sensor and pressure pulse technology.

The Newton system incorporates numerous downhole sensors to continuously record bore pressure, annulus pressure, weight-on-bit, temperature, gravity tool face and inclination. The system can be programmed to transmit any or all of these parameters in real time in user-selected sequences.

The Newton system’s pulser acts as a water-hammer thruster to exert force that advances the coil each time the pulser valve closes during data transmission. This axial thrust concentrates energy on moving the coil while also creating a pulsing action that travels up the coil to reduce friction.

Versatile Operation

The Newton system enables versatile operation at the wellsite. Unlike single-function vibration or water-hammer tools that operate continuously, the Newton system’s operation can be activated and adjusted from the surface.

Our Roots in Downhole Technology

Teledrill has in-house engineering, machining, prototyping, and testing capabilities, which have enabled us to develop innovative solutions. The company was founded in 2004 to develop “smart” measurement-while-drilling tools based on a patented, lower-cost pulser system.  Since 2011, our engineering team has leveraged the knowledge and experience gained in drilling applications to address the challenges of coiled tubing operations. Teledrill has been awarded numerous patents for this technology.

Our research facility in Houston includes a flow loop with dedicated mud pumps, tanks and 14,000 ft of coiled tubing for testing of equipment and telemetry.  We also provide flow loop testing services for other companies in conjunction with DynaQual Test Labs.