Flow Loop Services

Teledrill, in collaboration with DynaQual Test Labs, provides flow loop testing services at its facility located near the intersection of Barker Cypress and West Little York Road in Houston. The facility duplicates flow regimes encountered during drilling and coiled tubing operations and is designed to test downhole tools and other technologies under controlled conditions in a private setting.

For sales, general inquiries and quotes contact:

Bob Joyce
DynaQual Test Labs
bjoyce@DynaQual.com or +1 281-773-7944



The facility has four major components:

1) EW-446 caterpillar and triplex pump (400 HP caterpillar diesel engine)

2) Coiled tubing

3) Mud Tank (Four 1,000 gallon segments),

4) Control Panel, data acquisition and loop instrumentation to record test parameters



The yard work area has space for rapid tool configuration changes. Crossovers for common API thread connections to 1502 hammer unions are available on site allowing for connection to the circulating system.

Pressure transducers and flow rate are monitored through a high-speed, computerized digital data acquisition system (DAC), which displays and records the data in real time.



Refer to our Flow Loop Brochure for more details.

Flow Loop Services Spec Data Brochure

Flow Loop Video